Hello darlings!

Here is some lovely advice from Giri, about making mistakes (which he does a lot!).

Based on my experience, many people are good at writing in English, and their grammar is good too, but they are not confident when talking in English. They are afraid to make a mistake when they talk and some of them become very shy. As English learners we will make mistakes, that is a guarantee, nobody is perfect. Don’t feel down when you make a mistake and someone corrects you. It’s good if someone corrects you, because then you will not make the same mistake again. I still make mistakes and Corinne always corrects me; for the first time I felt stupid, but I needed to be positive, because my mistakes made my English better. You need someone to correct you in a positive way, you need feedback, you need others.



About ingwhiz

We are a couple, half English and half Indonesian. Corinne is an experienced teacher. She has taught in a well-known English school and has been a Director of Study. She has taught English to many top companies and government organisations in Indonesia. Currently, she works in an International school in Jakarta, teaching English to children. Giri has lots of experience working in many different areas of a language school, and of learning English. He knows how difficult it is! Currently he works for a leading English language school in Jakarta. We hope you find our blog useful!

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