When you read something in English, do you try to understand every word? By doing this, you limit your general understanding of the actual reading. You don’t get any real idea of what the article is about – you end up with a mixed-up definition of many words in your head.

Instead, read through the text without stopping. Ask yourself, ‘What is this text about?’ Read through it again, highlighting the words or phrases you don’t understand. After reading for the second time, look at the words you highlighted, and try to guess the meaning from the context (the words around it, the subject of the sentence, or the paragraph, or even the whole text). Only check in a dictionary for the correct meaning after you have done this.

When you take learning into your own hands, rather than a dictionary, you will feel much more rewarded! Plus, it will help you to remember. Dictionaries don’t have brains.

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About ingwhiz

We are a couple, half English and half Indonesian. Corinne is an experienced teacher. She has taught in a well-known English school and has been a Director of Study. She has taught English to many top companies and government organisations in Indonesia. Currently, she works in an International school in Jakarta, teaching English to children. Giri has lots of experience working in many different areas of a language school, and of learning English. He knows how difficult it is! Currently he works for a leading English language school in Jakarta. We hope you find our blog useful!

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