When I was at university, I learned something interesting from my friend on how to study Japanese in a fun way. We can do the same thing to help us learn English. Before the exam of course we needed to study hard so we didn’t fail. I really studied hard for my grammar exam and one of my friend didn’t. Almost everyday he played Japanese games on his playstation and watched anime (Japanese cartoon). At the end no one failed but his result was better than mine. In my mind I wondered if he had cheated. He didn’t, afterwards he told me about the games he played in Japanese.

Find out ways to make your English learning fun. Start with your hobbies, if you love to reading try to read in English or you like to cook find the recipes in English. Have fun guys ….


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About ingwhiz

We are a couple, half English and half Indonesian. Corinne is an experienced teacher. She has taught in a well-known English school and has been a Director of Study. She has taught English to many top companies and government organisations in Indonesia. Currently, she works in an International school in Jakarta, teaching English to children. Giri has lots of experience working in many different areas of a language school, and of learning English. He knows how difficult it is! Currently he works for a leading English language school in Jakarta. We hope you find our blog useful!

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