Often when we learn new languages, we find it difficult to express emotion with our words, so sometimes our conversation comes across as  a bit, well, boring. There are a few ways that we can overcome this. One way is to read, and focus on making the text more lively with your voice. Think of how a you would read in your own language. Another way is to experiment with how you say words. This could be something silly for you to do with your friends, or on your own if you feel to shy. Take a word, or a short phrase, and try different ways of saying it. For example, take the word ‘no’. Try saying it as a question, angrily, happily, sadly, annoyingly (like a little kid), confidently, shyly, etc.  Then, the next time you are speaking English, think of the feeling you are trying to convey with your words.


About ingwhiz

We are a couple, half English and half Indonesian. Corinne is an experienced teacher. She has taught in a well-known English school and has been a Director of Study. She has taught English to many top companies and government organisations in Indonesia. Currently, she works in an International school in Jakarta, teaching English to children. Giri has lots of experience working in many different areas of a language school, and of learning English. He knows how difficult it is! Currently he works for a leading English language school in Jakarta. We hope you find our blog useful!

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